1. Conditions of car rental


– In case of private person:

  • Personal documents of the contracting party (identification card, address verification card)
  • Credit card
  • Verification of creditworthiness
  • Security deposit
  • Valid driving licence

– In case of companies:

  • Certificate of registration
  • Valid tax number
  • Valid VAT number
  • Certified active company activity
  • Verification of creditworthiness
  • Credit card
  • Security deposit
  • Personal documents of the managing director
  • e-mail address
  • Phone number
  • (last) accounting balance sheet
  • Certificate of operationality of the company

– Reception of the documents GDPR

The customer accepts that the contract can be signed on condition  that the documents of the client company (VAT, certificate of registration, specimen signature, a copy of the managing director’s ID card).and the contact details of the person in charge are handed over to Nébo Ltd. The company deals with the documents and documentaries according to the data protection regulations.

– Usage rules of the vehicle:

Eligibility of the usage of the vehicle:

Everybody who is empowered by the client and has a valid driving licence  can drive the vehicle. It is the client who is responsible for the condition of the vehicle during the rental period until the vehicle is returned.

It is forbidden to use the vehicle for the following: to rent it to a third party (except with the written permission of Nébo Ltd) , to carry on driving it in case of a techmical breakdown, use it as a driving school vehicle, use it as a race car or a test vehicle.

The client is obliged to observe the traffic rules at home and abroad. The client acknowledges and consents, that Nébo Ltd is entitled  to  claim possible fines due to illegal parking, using the motorway or speeding commited by the client, furthermore administrative penalties, even after the expiration of the contractuel rental relationship. The client acknowledges that Nébo Ltd deals with their data within the framework of the issued authorisation and if necessary delivers it to the authorized party.

  1. Necessary to the contract


– In case of a private person:

  • ID card
  • Address verification card
  • Valid driving licence
  • Credit card
  • Verification of creditworthiness

– In case of companies:

  • Valid VAT number
  • Data of the person authorized to sign (identification card, address verification card)
  • Certificate of registration
  • Credit card
  • Certificate of operationality of the company
  1. Included in the rental fee are:


  • Rental fee
    • Pricing:

It is always included in the contract. A difference from the pricing can only arise by a modification of the contract accepted by both parties.

    • Compensation for damages:

The client is obliged to pay the excess in case of a self-inflicted accident. They are obliged to pay fully for all damages resulting from improper use.

    • Excess:

In the event of claims the percentage rate of excess is as follows:

damage of the windscreen 500 , – Euro, car body damage 1.000, – Euro. Beyond a certain value of a vehicle the amount of excess can vary.

  • Taxes
  • Insurance

The client acknowledges that Nébo Ltd has a fleet insurance, the fee of which is due at the delivery of the vehicle and accordingly at each turn of the year. The client acknowledges that the insurer requires the installation of an extra car protection device upon the one installed in the factory. Car protection devices accepted by Nébo Ltd.: Blue 16 and Mobil GPS system.

  • Shipment
  • Administration
  • Invoicing conditions:

The Nébo Ltd issues the invoices to the client according to the VAT law of the European Union, that the client must indicate in his bookkeeping and tax declaration.

  1. The process of the rental


The client or the representativ of the company who wishes to enter into a contract can negotiate the details of the rental on an agreed date and place at a personal consultation, at which the rental vehicle and the length of the rental are determined.

Payment of the fees:

The client is obliged to pay for the time spent (which includes the insurance, the vehicle tax and every special requiremenet), the fee for the mileage upon the agreed mileage in the contract, the fines, which wre imposed for violating the traffic rules by the client and the administrative expenses combined with it. The client has to pay furthermore for the fee for replacement of original documents and registration plates, the repair and replacement costs due to excessive wear, costs of cleaning and desinfection due to smoking in the vehicle.

Damages by using wrong fuel:

The client is obliged to .pay fully for damages caused by wrong fuel.

Breach of contract:

In case the client doesn’t return the vehicle one day after the expiration of the rental contract, he commits a breach of contract. In such a case Nébo Ltd is entitled to take the vehicle back from the client. It can also be considered as breach of contract if the client doesn’t settle his debt in spite of a written reminder.

What action to take in the event of accident:

In case of an accident with personal injures and material damages the client is obliged to notify the police and ask for action taken by the police. In case the vehicle was forced open, demolished  or stolenthe client has to report itt o the policeand send the police report to Nébo Ltd. The client is obliged to report every emergency situation regarding the vehicle to Nébo Ltd within 24 hours. The client has no right to accept an amiable settlement proposal. He is obliged to fill in the accident report form and transmit it to ébo Ltd.

What to do in case of a technical breakdown:

In case of a technical breakdown the client is obliged to have the vehicle repaired in a garage.

Replacement vehicle:

Nébo Ltd cannot guarantee a replacement vehicle. In case of an accident caused by the client the delivery of a replacement vehicle can be refused.

  1. What to do at the end of the rental?


The day after the expiration of the contractual rental relationship the client is obliged to give the vehicle back. At the same time it is possible to prolonge the contract. After a further consultation the client can rent the car for the period of the new contract.

Extension of the contract. The rental contract can be renewed, if both parties agree on it.

  1. Service


During the term of rental all maintenance and repairs according to the scale of majority are to declare to Nébo Ltd.

  1. Data protection

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